Streamers: Please tag the channel you are broadcasting

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By popular demand!

Seriously, like, literally everyone has been asking us for this

Streamers are welcome to come up with their own ways of incorporating this into their posting formats, so long as they stay within the existing ruleset, but we've outlined some examples below:

HD | Adaptive Stream NBCSN Philly | LeaguePass HOME | Ad Overlays: 2 | Mobile: Yes

SD | Boston Celtics @ Philadelphia 76ers HOME FEED | Mr.StreamerMan NBATV Feed | Ad Overlays: 2 | Mobile: Yes

Important Notes

  • This rule does not hold any bearing on what channels/services you use
    • So long as you're covering the game, obviously.
  • We understand some have reasons to be streaming a different channel until closer to tipoff. This is fine, but continuing to stream a channel other than the one tagged in your link will be considered in the same manner as if you were covering the wrong game.
  • As in the past, we will be fairly lenient in the first week of this rule, so as not to impact the availability of streams, but we will then expect you to have read this post & be compliant.
  • Whilst we encourage you to include this in your posts anyways, we will not enforce this for low-coverage threads such as EuroLeague games.

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