Streamers: Important Info, Please read before posting

#Disclaimer: This post speaks to streamers; viewers are wholely unaffected.

###An introduction, and an apology

For those of you who have not been approved across the past few weeks, this post will hopefully provide some long-awaited answers. Moderators across the different subreddits agreed there was a growing issue among threads, and we decided we had to take action against this, in order to maintain a clean & easy-to-browse subreddit – at the end of the day, the subs aim to help viewers watch their favourite sports teams, with minimal issue, worry and confusion.

We didn’t want to keep those not approved in the dark, but we also did not want to provide half-answers, when it was still a topic of great debate between the moderators of the several subreddits. We agree that wasn’t a perfect decision, and we would apologise for that, it was merely one we felt we had to make.
###So, what’s the big news?

As /r/soccerstreams had [begun to do](, we’ll be enforcing a stronger stance against new accounts posting streams. This action builds a stronger unification between the subreddits and aims to provide a layer of quality to the streams, whereby we can focus on moderating known streamers for issues such as quality/stability, rather than spending our time moderating 10-20 new streamers on every post. Any streamers not yet approved can fill out the form linked at the end of this post, and we’ll be sure to get everyone back to an equal standing.

###Important Notes

* The form is shared across the subreddits, so you need only fill it out once
* Eg: If you’ve filled it out and been approved on /r/soccerstreams, then you’ve already been approved here, too.
* If your comments have been approved across the past few weeks, you’re already on our list, but we’d encourage filling out the form to avoid future issues and for the benefit of other subreddits
* Whilst we expect all new streamers will want to apply anyways, we will be leaving low-coverage threads such as EuroLeague games open to anyone.

Again, we hope this answers your questions, and we apologise for the time it took.

#[Link to form](

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