Current NBAStreams state and future

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

In the light of the recent ban of [soccerstreams](, many users have been questioning whether NBAstreams is heading to the path of being banned? The thing is we don’t know.

Many wonder what is your guys backup plan? Fortunately we have a backup which is our [discord server](, that we use to make any official changes. If this sub was to go down, all messages would be conveyed on our lovely discord server.

**TL;DR:** We are not going anywhere and we look forward toward the events for the 1st half of 2019!

– **All Star Game:** Feb 15th-17, 2019 @ Charlotte. [More Details](

– **2019 NBA Playoffs:** April 13 till June

– **2019 NBA Draft:** June 20th, 2019

– **2019 NBA awards show:** Date TBA

– **2019 Summer League:** Date TBA

– **BIG3 League:** June 22nd – August 24th, 2019

Any questions/comments will be answered by the mods. Do keep in touch with our **discord** as we will post any important updates there.

[**Discord Link**](

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